Assessing Students – STEM Projects

STEM Exit Ticket

STEM projects are GREAT…but it’s hard to track how much my students are really learning!!

So here’s my solution:
1. Exit Ticket Assessment
2. Grading Rubric
3. Student Score Chart

The Exit Ticket contains four basic questions that can go with almost any STEM lab. The answers to these questions will help you assess your students’ level of involvement and understanding of the concepts addressed. It also gives an idea of which labs are effective and which are not and maybe what could be done different next time.

The Grading Rubric gives a common standard to score these assessments on. It makes grading a ton easier.

The Student Score Chart helps keep all that data organized!!

You can check it out here, in my TpT Store! It’s only a dollar…like something awesome on the shelf at Dollar Tree…only it’s way better and you don’t have to drive…just click the link below!!

Have a great time with STEM!!