STEM Activity Challenge Hoop Glider Competition 3rd-5th grade

hoop glider stem activity challenge

STEM Project for Third, fourth and Fifth grades.

This activity challenges students to build a glider that will glide as far as possible. Working in groups, students will cut and tape various hoops to their straw. They will experiment with hoops of different sizes, positioning, and throwing styles.

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STEM Activity Challenge Jumping Bugs K-2nd grade

baking soda vinegar stem activity

STEM Project for Kindergarten, First and Second Grades.

This activity involves putting an effervescent tablet inside a film canister with a little bit of water. As gas is produced, pressure will build in the film canister causing the cap to pop off. Students will color and tape a bug* of their choice to the bottom of the film canister and see how high their bug can go!!! The students can experiment with the amount of tablet and water to see what works best.
*Bug illustrations are also included!

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STEM Activity Challenge Levitating ping pong ball 6th – 8th grade

bernoulli's principle STEM Activity

STEM Middle School Classroom Project

Students will work in groups to discover the phenomenon that occurs when a ping pong ball is placed above a straw and air is blown through the straw. Most people would expect the ping-pong ball to fly up and off to the side—but it doesn’t. Due to Bernoulli’s Principle, the ball will hover in the air above the straw. This project can end with a demonstration using a shop-vac or hair dryer with a ping-pong ball that will produce the same interesting results.

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STEM Activity Challenge Marshmallow Catapult 3rd-5th grade

marshmallow catapult stem challenge

STEM Project for Third, fourth and Fifth grades.

In this activity students will work in groups to create a catapult from popsicle sticks. They will modify their catapult in order to produce the best launch possible. Kids will have a great time launching mini marshmallows across the room while learning about potential and kinetic energy.

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STEM Station Activity: Troll Bridge

STEM Bridge Project

Free STEM Station (STEM Center) Activity: Troll Bridge
A little troll is looking for a way to earn some big cash and he’s decided to build a toll bridge. He needs help from “STEM Man” and your students to design and build a bridge that’s strong enough to hold lots of toll money.

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