NGSS Next Generation Science Standards


Next Generation Science Standards

With changes in science and technology, there was a need to develop new standards to meet the educational needs of students heading in to 21st century jobs. To help give students a well-rounded science education and the skills they need to be successful in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) based jobs, the NGSS were released 2013. These standards are being used by states and districts all across the United States.



NGSS classroom posters


Below is an overview produced by the folks who developed NGSS. It can be downloaded here.

NGSS Fact Sheet

Aligning your science curriculum to meet the standards can be a bit daunting and overwhelming. Finding, reading through and figuring out how to implement these standards is challenging!

To aid you in the alignment process, here is a compiled list of links to the NGSS per grade level:
(You have to scroll down before getting to the actual standards)

Kindergarten Standards
First Grade Standards
Second Grade Standards
Third Grade Standards
Fourth Grade Standards
Fifth Grade Standards
Middle School Standards (6-8th Grades)
High School Standards (9-12th Grades)