Wanda C. said:

My students love the activities. I enjoy teaching this way. I’ve bought STEM resources produced commercially, but the materials lists are so extensive. My last project cost me about $30 for the materials. The next one I wanted to do would cost me over $50. I can’t keep paying that out of pocket. But this resource uses inexpensive or recycled items. I love it. Thank you. I hope you will produce more like this one!

Jason D. said:

I like the videos that can be previewed before doing the activities. Did the Spaghetti Challenge on STEM night, and the families loved it. Thanks.

Gayl M. said:

These activities are so engaging. Thank your for your thoroughness.

Darlene C. said:

Awesome STEM projects! These activities were very well organized with everything needed from videos, student & teacher instructions, rubrics, etc. Much thanks for these exciting activities!

Jessica W. said:

My students love all these activities.

Tom A. said:

These are great for my enrichment and G/T classes! Very helpful for implementing STEM in my school! Thanks!

Cherie R. said:

Love projects like these…and so do my students!

Michele G. said:

I printed the entire thing and keep it as my go to for STEM projects. I love that it has the videos to help me understand the project. Thank you for all your work!

Christina D. said:

Amazing! What a wonderful resource. Love the videos explaining everything!

Jennifer R. said:

Awesome activities! Very engaging!

Elizabeth E. said:

My gifted and talented kids are LOVING these activities!

Lauren N. said:

The kids have been so engaged in each and every one of these projects!

Sandra V. said:

Amazing resource! Science isn’t my strongest or favorite area, but this packet is wonderful! I’ve used several of the activities with my summer school group and they have had a lot of fun with it. Thanks!

Kirk W. said:

WOW!!! Love these for my STEM academy and for my classroom as well!! Beautifully done – well worth the money! A+

Karen R. said:

Great product!!! Keep creating and I am follower!!! :) I will purchase more in the near future!!

Connie B. said:

This pack is outstanding! I am using it for summer school for students who need a hands on connection to learn effectively. This pack is thoroughly designed to support both teachers and students. It is exceptional!

Sarah B. said:

Can I say WOW! Used this all year long! What a wonderful resource. Can’t wait to use it again!

Cassandra J. said:

The videos are AWESOME! I’m not a science person at all, so I’ve never been great at bringing science lessons into my classroom, but the videos help me understand exactly what is happening so I can replicate it with my students. Keep these challenges coming please!

Brian K. said:

Like finding treasure! Fabulous resource! I love the videos you’ve included to help those of us who need it. :-)

Mary M. said:

Fantastic, thanks for the great work-it’s great to have everything laid out!

Debora A. said:

This is probably the best purchase I’ve ever made. Every other Friday is STEM day in my gifted classrooms and we complete one of your activities. My students are sooo excited when STEM Day rolls around! Thank you!

Christine N. said:

Love the video demos and the rubrics that go along with the activities!