Summer STEM Activities


Summer is fast approaching! It’s time to start thinking about how to engage your students (or kids) over the summer to help prevent the dreaded “summer lag”! Here’s an idea that’s sure to help with summer learning loss AND cure summer boredom: STEM activities!!!!! Send home a simple 6 sheet printed packet – “Summer STEM Box Challenges” (or just send them the pdf file!).

stem worksheets

What is a summer STEM box challenge? It’s an open ended STEM project with a given “problem” and a  box of materials (such as pipe-cleaners, craft sticks, toilet paper tubes etc.) to solve it with (parents will need to compile the materials – most can be found at the dollar store or are already in their home!).

The Summer STEM printable includes:

• Suggested Materials
• 10 STEM Challenge Cards
• STEM Engineering Process Page / Poster
• Parent Instructions (How to put together a “Summer STEM Box”)
• Planning sheet
• Reflection Sheet

How to create a Summer STEM Box:

1. Compile all or some of the materials listed and any others
you’d like to add. Most are things you already have or can get at
the dollar store!

2. Find a box, bin or basket to put them in.

3. Cut out the “challenge cards”, fold them in half and place them in a jar.
Kids can pull out a (random) card to get the challenge for that day!


These challenges are open-ended—the sky is the limit for creativity! They
are great for individual or group work…maybe even a family competition!!