Practice 2-D and 3-D Shapes with Play Dough and Toothpicks!

Learning 2-D and 3-D shapes can be a blast for students because there are so many “shape” objects around us! Balls, signs, books, boxes…the examples are endless! It’s also fun because there are many hands-on ways to engage students while learning about shapes. One of my favorite ways to practice shapes with kiddos is…

Using toothpicks and playdough!!

What kid doesn’t love playing with toothpicks and playdough?! Just using simple balls and connecting them with tooth-picks can make so many fun two-dimensional shapes!

2-D Shapes

So what about round shapes? Simple! Skip the toothpicks and go straight for the playdough.

2d shapes practice

Three-dimensional shapes can be just as fun. Building these can be a bit tricky and can require some trial and error. I find that having 2 kids working together on these can really make a difference. One can hold the structure while the other constructs (and then they switch jobs).

Practice 3D shapes

With round 3-D shapes, we skip the toothpicks again and build with just playdough!

cylinder practice

If you are looking for a fun resource to guide your students through learning 2-D and 3-D shapes, I have just the task cards for you! Check them out here, in my TpT Store!

Check out this fun resource here, in my TpT Store!