Flaming Flour

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Materials needed:

• Baking Flour
• Tube and Funnel
• Candles or Bunsen Burner
• Lighter / Matches
• Safety Goggles
• Fire Extinguisher (just in case)


1. Setup your tube and funnel.
2. Setup candles or bunsen burner and ignite (put on your safety glasses first!).
3. Fill up your funnel with flour & and position it near the base of the flame, angled so that the flour will shoot up and over it.
4. Blow into the tube. Shake the funnel gently to keep consistent airflow.
5. Keep your distance, unless you want singed eyebrows 🙂

The Science Behind this Experiment:

For a combustion reaction you need fuel, oxygen and ignition. In this experiment, the candle was the ignition, the oxygen came from the surrounding air and the fuel was the flour. Normally you wouldn’t think of flour as being a highly flamable substance, but its fine consistancy creates a large surface area and, when spread out, will burn nicely! In fact, you can take almost anything, grind it into a fine powder, and it will become effective fuel for combustion!

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